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All tests I currently perform are non-invasive, usually being either saliva, finger-prick collection blood test or stool samples. I do not suggest tests unless I feel after consultation and analysis of health & diet that the knowledge of results would be helpful to the client.

I always refer to your GP for anything outside of my professional remit or should any results or symptoms require further medical advice or investigation.

Examples of tests include:
deficiencies associated with low energy; Thyroid; Diabetes (HbA1c); Iron profile; Male baseline including testosterone; Baseline plus B12; bioelectrical impedance for segmental body fat analysis, hydration, metabolic rate, muscle & bone mass analysis and blood pressure.


Different variations in our genes means that we respond very differently to many food components and have a higher risk of developing certain diseases; I can run a simple saliva test which will tell you how to personalise your diet to ensure you optimise the balance in your nutritional intake and give yourself the best chance of good health.

All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Whilst we now know this statement isn’t entirely correct because many diseases are genetic, it is true of most chronic metabolic diseases, and certainly our diet is a very strong component of the factors that are a trigger to countless genetic pre-dispositions. We can now look at our genes to discover much about how our body responds to certain foods, sports performance related elements, injury risk and how susceptible we are to food intolerances and development of some diseases.

Having explored the impact of certain nutrients and the relationship between nutrition, our sleep/wake cycle and stress for my award-winning dissertation, I developed further interest in genetics and genomics which lead my postgraduate study. I have also, as part of my post-grad education, studied genomic counselling, so I am able to interpret and counsel on results from direct-to-consumer genetic testing which is undertaken through Nutrigenomix.

We are in an exciting era for genetic research and formulating ways to use this information to be healthier and live longer.

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