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I’m Deborah Warner, a Nutritional Consultant. I have a first-class honours degree in Human Nutrition, in addition to several university awards, and am nearing completion of a master’s degree (MSc) in Genomic Medicine at University of Birmingham. I am also a sessional lecturer in Human Nutrition and corporate presenter on topics of Human Nutrition for health and well-being.

My background is in the fast-paced corporate world, I was co-founder and Director of a technology company for 16 years. I totally understand the difficulty juggling work, home-life, childcare (I have 3 children) and then trying to eat well and stay fit! It’s hard, and not many people can do it all successfully all of the time. Something must inevitably give.

I spent many years feeling guilty and inadequate in either one or all these areas. I’m not going to tell you I have the perfect balance even now! What I have learned though, is how MY body works and what MY body needs. I’ve also learned that to find the balance requires re-setting yourself every-so-often, this is fundamental to maintaining lifelong health.

I will help you to find the foods and diet your body needs for optimum health.

I don’t sell products or supplements, this means my advice is impartial and derived from evidence based science only, not the latest celebrity or social media fads. My mission is to make every client feel fabulous from the inside out, to find their own balance. This balance is very different from person to person based on their genetics, environment, lifestyle and the resulting way in which they absorb and metabolise nutrients.

I have access to advanced genetic testing and employ leading edge body composition equipment. I will help you to understand your own body; where appropriate I can run non-invasive tests to determine vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food intolerances and intestinal health.

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