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There is strong evidence of an association between diet and mental health, with stress related disorders accountable for 13.5m working days lost per annum. The UK economy stands to gain £12 billion in productivity terms if wellbeing levels in the workplace were to rise by just 7%. My goal is to help employers improve the output of their people by better educating them to look after themselves from the inside out.

Prior to retraining in science, I spent over 20 years working for large corporate companies and running my own business with clients in the FTSE 100. So I’m well aware of the challenges that face both employees and employers in maintaining physical and mental health to optimise attendance, productivity, working environment and work/life balance.

I have expertise in nutritional and health areas that are particularly relevant for companies looking to educate their staff in maintaining a healthy weight and reducing their risk of developing chronic debilitating diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and some cancers.

I run educational presentations on individual topics or as a course; each presentation is around one hour long which can fit into lunchtimes if need be. One to one sessions with employees can be also arranged, where employees can discuss personal issues or be tested for deficiencies and genetic pre-dispositions whereby changes in diet or lifestyle can be effective.

Tailor made seminars, because just as each person functions very differently, so does each business. Example topics include:

Sleep & Stress
Nutrients play a key role in the regulation of our sleep cycle, hunger and stress hormones. Find out how and what you can do to effect restorative sleep, every night and reduce stress levels naturally.

Food and Mood
Creating the right balance of both mind and body to face working commitments every day and stop that afternoon slump. Some surprising facts about the importance of the relationship between food and our mental health and which are the key nutrients to consider in your diet.

Nutritional myth busters
The advice is always changing, isn’t it? How do we know which are the facts and which are media driven, sensationalist ‘fake science’. We are over-fed and undernourished as a nation, learn how to address this balance for the sake of your health.

Behaviour change for weight loss and long term balance
Understand the common mistakes and how you can change your relationship with food. Good healthy nutrition and maintaining weight is not about what we can’t have, restricting food groups and feeling hungry, it’s about enjoying great food.

“I asked Deb Warner if she would come along to do a talk for our charity on links between mood and food. Acacia Family Support is a charity that supports mums and families affected by postnatal depression and anxiety. Deb produced a really informative presentation and was able to educate our support workers and befriending staff about the important connections between nutrition and mental health. The presentation was pitched just right – with enough science and evidence to show the link without being overly complicated. It was so valuable to have this knowledge to take back and educate our mums, Deb also produced a handout for us that we share with our mums, which is brilliant. I would highly recommend working with Deb, she’s very easy to talk to and understanding of different people’s needs.”

Hannah Marshall – Acacia Family Support

“I can highly recommend Deborah from Warner Nutrition. We engaged her as part of our ongoing commitment to employee wellbeing and the feedback from our staff has been excellent. Deborah gives realistic advice based on sound nutritional knowledge and has a genuine desire to see people eating well and taking care of their health through good nutrition but above all reminds us we should enjoy food too! Thank you!”

Sally Hart – HR Manager, Jumar Solutions Limited

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